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Most emulators are written in C and assembly language as they are by far the fastest languages around. You can also see emulators written in other languages such as Pascal, Visual Basic and even on-line emulators using Java.

Emulators are developed over long periods of time because of the complexity involved. For instance a developer has to examine all the technical specification of a chip or circuit and one by one convert all the commands and logic it uses to match the processor and operating system that it is to be simulated on.

3DS Flash Cards - R4 3DS SuperCard DSonei + DSTWO

SuperCard DStwo and DSonei: The Fully-Loaded 3DS Flashcart

If you have a Nintendo 3DS or an older DS Lite or DSi, chances are you are enjoying many games that are made available for download online. Of course, there are also the pricey games you buy from game shops. But with a 3DS Flash Card you get the option to use the homebrew applications that can transform your N3DS or Nintendo DS into a versatile portable media device with MP3, DivX player. All these are made possible if you have some minimal technical know-how and the right R4 3DS tools. In order to enjoy downloaded 3DS / NDS games and homebrew applications, one of the things you need is an micro SD card.

3DS flash cards

The current best 3DS Flash Card Adapter of the moment is the SuperCard DStwo and DSonei. 3DS fanatics are raving about this DS card because it is the only Slot 1 flashcart in the SuperCard line. This means that it can be used in the slot where you put your DS game cartridge. That is not the only thing that gets SuperCard DStwo and DSonei way up in the buzz meter, it is packed with many features such as SDHC support, real time save, soft reset, and compatibility with most, if not all, speed flash memory card.

The SuperCard DStwo R4 3DS flash card is also compatible with any OS and computer system. Furthermore, it can support MP3, TXT, and movie file playback on the Nintendo 3DS and DSi. It’s so loaded with fantastic features like GAMEBOY ADVANCE emulator and SNES and MAME game emulatoes that it’s impossible not to have one. Knowing what the SuperCard DStwo and DSonei may be to make a mad dash to the nearest retail store, but the real test is in the performance. After trying the flashcart on DS ROMs, the results were brilliant. Each of the game run smoothly and there were no problems on saving. It worked pretty well on homebrew games and applications. With that said, the SuperCard DStwo 3DS and DSonei is highly recommended.            

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AceKard 3DS R4 chip also known as AK3 or AceKard3 is a well know good quality NDS game backup copier.
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